A Note from Our BoxTop Coordinator

A Message from Meghan Bicek:

Please, everyone, dig through your pantry and fridge for all those BoxTops and submit them prior to October 20th!  BoxTops for Education is switching to an easier format and we will have until the end of the month to submit the paper or clip out BoxTops that everyone has saved and dropped off at school.

Once you have submitted those, it's time to download the BoxTops for Education app on your smartphone.  You will have to create a login using your email address, find our school (be sure its Salem Lutheran in Stillwater, MN!!), and that's it!  From here on out we will have to submit the Boxtops through the app within several days of purchasing an eligible item.  As soon as you get in the car or unload those groceries, just quick snap a picture of the receipt through the BoxTop app and you are done!  It seems like a bit of a pain but once you get used to it, it will be a much easier process.


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