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August-September Lunch News

It's another school year! We are happy to announce hot lunch is free this year. We do, however, need to charge for cold lunch milk, snack milk, or extra milk that a child may want. Milk cost .40 (one free milk is included with hot lunch). If you have a lunch account with us we will pull from that. If you need to start one just for milk you can write a check to S alem Food Service or contact the office to place a charge on your TADS account.  We will send an email when your lunch account gets low.   August-September Lunch Menu Are you interested in helping??? Salem’s Lunch Program is looking for someone to help on Fridays during the school year and be willing to learn to be a backup cook when needed.  This is a paid position and would be about 6 hours on Fridays when school is in session.  There would be occasional additional hours possible if our main cook is unable to come to work for any reason.  If you are interested, please contact the church office -

September School News

                                                                 Salem School News A Message from Mr. Klatt to Start the Year “Together in Christ” Ephesians 2:21-22 In Christ the whole building is joined together… and in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives.    Division is a separator. It separates students into teams for a game. It separates pieces of cake, so everyone gets a slice that is the same size. It separates a group of individuals inside a large organization. However, it can also separate individuals from each other for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have seen this in your life or someone else’s. The family that lets an age-old argument keep them from getting together for holidays, birthdays, or just for fun. The neighbor who rakes their leaves into your yard in the fall and now you won’t even look at them when they are outside with you. When reading these events, it is easy to laugh at how small and trivial they may be, but this happe

Orientation Videos for 2021-2022 School Year

  Hello Salem Family, Below are the orientation videos for the 2021-2022 school year. Mr. Klatt gave an overview for the whole school and Mrs. Grobe has one also for those entering preschool.  Preschool parents please watch both videos and K-8 parents please watch the whole school video. Both videos are around 12 minutes long.  Whole School Video: Preschool Video: Please bring any questions about the upcoming school year to Meet the Teacher night! Excited to see you all soon.  God's blessings on your day!

Don't Forget to Sign Up!

  August Welcome Back Meet & Greet Monday, August 23 - 8am-12pm OR Tuesday, August 24 - 3pm-7pm We have two days set aside for parents to meet one-on-one with their child’s teacher (20-minute time slots). Students can bring their school supplies and see the classroom at the same time that parents and students will meet with the teacher. Please select a date and time from the sign-up below (Preschool families that are familiar with their child’s teacher and classroom do not need to sign up for a time if they don't think it is needed, just bring supplies on the first day of school). Click Here for Meet & Greet Sign Up If you are not able to meet on one of these two days, be sure to let your child's teacher know. An alternate day and time can be set up with them.

Salem Apparel for Sale!

Great News from SPTO! There is a new website ready for our families to order Salem apparel from Heritage Embroidery & Design. Samples will be available for you to see fabrics and sizing at the Meet and Greet Events on the 23rd and the 24th. They will also be available in the school office after those dates. The web store is open now through 9/8/21 at 11pm. Just use this link to order: Orders will be delivered to Salem at the end of September. Heritage is separating all orders by student and grade for us so they can easily be sent home with your child. All proceeds will go towards the SPTO fundraising.

Lunchroom Help Needed

Salem’s Lunch Program is looking for someone to help on Fridays during the school year and be willing to learn to be a backup cook when needed.  This is a paid position and would be about 6 hours on Fridays when school is in session.  There would be occasional additional hours possible if our main cook is unable to come to work for any reason.  If you are interested, please contact the church office - or Lynn Jay -  

Welcome Gift Card Shower for the New Teachers

  Hello Salem Family, In order to welcome our new teachers to our Salem Family, we  would like to have a gift card shower for them.  Daniel Bredendick  is our new 5th and 6th grade teacher. Tom and Michelle Stob are  our new 3rd and 5th-8th  grade teacher. This is a great opportunity  for us to welcome our new teachers with special gifts. Please  drop  off any gift cards to the church or school office by Friday,  September 10th. Please see the following link  for their bios for gift  card  ideas:

Free Hot Lunches at Salem

Dear Salem Families, We have received word that we are able to offer free hot lunches to you again this school year! We are excited at the blessing this will be to our families. All of you that currently have a positive lunch account balance will be able to use that account for any additional milk that your child will purchase since this is not covered in the free lunch program. Any amount unused at the end of the year will be refunded or rolled into the following school year for use.  If you do not have a lunch account with us yet and know your child will want to order additional milk, please send a lunch check (made out to Salem Food Service) and drop it off in the office the first week of school or email Diane in the school office to set up a lunch charge with your TADS account to fund your lunch account. Either is fine. So happy to share this news before the school year begins. Please contact me in the school office if you have questions.  Diane

Return to School Plan

 Hello Salem Family, The School Board met and approved a back to school plan for the upcoming 2021-2022 School Year.  The major highlights of the plan are: 1. Masks are optional and up to each family to decide if they would like their child to wear one to school. 2. A student will have to stay home from school if they themself test positive for COVID or someone in their household tests positive for COVID. 3. The classes will not quarantine and go to remote learning with a positive case, but will be kept separate from the other classrooms during recess, lunch, and other group activities.  Please read the details in the plan that is linked here: This plan is subject to change as mandates change in our State, but we are hoping we can have a relatively normal school year.  Thank you all for your patience and prayers throughout the past school year and for continuing them through the coming scho

Meet and Greet and Tuition Agreements

Dear Salem Family, Here are some important reminders! 1. Have you signed up for a Meet and Greet session with your child's teacher on August 23 or August 24?      If not, please do so today! Click Here for Meet & Greet Sign Up 2. If you have not done so already, please complete your TADS tuition agreement for the coming school  y ear. Registration needs to be paid and the agreement set up before the start of the school year. Please contact the school office if you have not received an agreement reminder by email. Thank you!

Message from Principal Klatt

Hello Salem Family, I pray your summers have been going well, and you are enjoying time with family and friends. Many of you have reached out with questions about masks next year. I have an email out to Salem's School Board for us to discuss what our policy will be. We were waiting for MDH to publish their plans for the 2021-2022 school year. Now that they have, I am hoping to have our answer to masks at Salem this week. There has also been questions about the new Social Studies standards and curriculum that is being implemented around the country. Salem's curriculum will not be changing for the upcoming school year. Our faculty reviews a different content area each year and this year we are up to review Math. When the time comes for us to review our Social Studies curriculum, we will look over the new standards, but we are not required to add anything to our curriculum that the State has approved. Thank you for reaching out to me with your questions. I appreciate the open comm