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In-Person Schooling at Salem

Hello Salem Families, After hearing the Governor’s update yesterday, Salem’s School Board and Council has approved starting in-person for the upcoming school year. The school plan for how daily life will look will be coming out on Monday, August 3rd. God’s blessings on your day!

Volunteer Help and School Update

Hello Salem Families, We are looking for volunteers to help spread out pea gravel on  our playground. The plan is to start at 9am  Friday, July 31. If you  could bring a shovel, garden rake, and wheelbarrow to help as  well that would be great. We also will be sending out the information for next school year  next Monday, August 3rd. This should include  what our school day  will look like, and the Board’s final decision on in person  schooling. God’s blessings on the rest of your week.

School in the Fall Update

Hello Salem Families,  The School Board recently met and discussed the options presented to us for school in the fall. The plan is to have in-person schooling starting August 31 st . The faculty and school board have been working together to create a plan that will keep the students safe and in school. Salem will not change our current plan unless given a mandate from the Governor. We are committed to having the students together in class to give them the best learning experience possible. The plan for in-person schooling is being finalized and will be sent out early in August. We thank you for your continued support of Salem. Please reach out to Mr. Klatt or your child’s teacher with questions as they arise. We continue to pray for all of our families, trusting that God will see us through this. 

TADS Fee Change Correction

Dear Salem Families, TADS recently sent a communication regarding additional fees for ACH agreements. This will NOT apply to our school for the 2020-2021 school year. Please disregard this communication for any agreements set up for tuition this coming school year. Sorry for any confusion this error created. We hope they will be sending a communication to you soon to correct this. If you have any questions regarding your agreement, feel free to contact me in the school office. Thank you! Diane