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No Bus Tuesday

Just a reminder that there is no bus in the morning or afternoon on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Have a safe and restful weekend!

Charges for Snack Milk and Extra Milk

Dear Salem Families, We were informed that the grant program for free lunches that we recently were accepted for does not include extra milk and snack milks. It does include the one milk that is given with the free hot lunch. Kindergarten students will also still be allowed an additional free milk each day under the Kindergarten Free Milk Program that we subscribe to. Because of this, we will need to resume charging .40 per milk that is ordered by our students beyond the free milk received with an entree. So sorry for this news and hope that you are enjoying the benefits of our lunch program with fresh meals made at our school. Charges for additional milks will begin tomorrow, Oct. 30 and remain until the end of the school year. Thank you so much for your understanding! Please contact the school office if you have questions.

Picture Retake Day Tomorrow

Hi Salem Families, This is a reminder that picture retake day is tomorrow! Below is the code and link to where you can order pictures online. If your child was not here to have their picture taken or you would like to replace their picture, please bring back any ordered pictures you received and let your child's teacher know they will be needing retakes. Here is the info for ordering pictures: Picture Day is: Oct 29, 2020 Order Code is: 52794W Your link to order is:

November Salem School News

COVID School Year Salem has had its first positive case of COVID among the students. After talking with our Public School nurse, the class did not have to quarantine as the student’s last day in school was far enough away from the day of initial symptoms. We deep cleaned all of the classrooms as a precaution. We are looking ahead to the winter months and are reminding parents that if your child is feeling sick, to please keep them home to make sure we aren’t spreading illness around Salem. We want to keep all sicknesses out of Salem as winter brings many different illnesses. Otherwise, we continue with the protocols that are in place with masks and cleaning regularly. Veteran’s Day Plans Last year was the first year that Salem held a Veteran’s Day service in honor of those men and women who served in our armed forces. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we won’t be able to have a service like that. Instead, our teachers wanted to do something for the community to show our thanks.

November Lunch Menu

Just a reminder that we are still under a free lunch grant offered by MDE. If you had set your TADS account up for withdrawals to fund your child's lunch account, these will be suspended in November until the free lunch grant has officially ended. What a blessing to our families!! Please contact the school office if you have any questions. November Lunch Menu

Stillwater School Board Meeting

  Hello Salem Family, Many of you may be aware of Stillwater Public Schools emergency  Board meeting to possibly switch their  learning model to distance  learning. While Salem continues to track what is going on in the community,  we will not be influenced by the decision  made at the Board  meeting. We are using our protocols and positive cases in our  school to determine when  classrooms need to quarantine  themselves. We will continue to monitor the community at large and let you know if any changes to our learning model are needed. As of now,  we are very thankful for the time we have had in person with our  students and pray it can  continue for the foreseeable future.   The only change this may have on our students would be in regards to bussing. More information will be given if bussing is changed. I just want to say, thank you again to our parents for keeping us 

Positive COVID Case

  Hello Salem Family, We were notified by a parent of a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19  in a member of the Salem community.  There is no correlation with  this incident and the bus driver testing positive. For privacy  reasons, we cannot  share details about the status of the person.  At this time, they have been advised to stay home and away  from  other people (isolate). Since the child's last day in school was Oct. 14th and symptoms  did not start until Oct. 18th, no one will need  to quarantine.  However, you should still monitor for symptoms of illness, but do  not need to stay home unless  symptoms develop. If symptoms  develop, stay home and consult with your health care provider to  determine if  medical evaluation is needed. We are working closely with MDH to monitor the situation. For  extra precaution, we doing an extra cleaning  protocol on the r