May Salem School News

Registration for Preschool Next School Year

Preschool classes are filling fast. Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. You have the choice of which days you would like your child to come. There’s a minimum attendance of 3 half days up to 5 full days. The cost is $30 for half day, $40 for a full day. Tours will be scheduled individually for those interested. If you have any questions you can call 651-439-7831 and talk to Jane Grobe. If you know of any 2-4 year olds looking for a preschool, please refer them to our website for registration information and for requesting a tour.

Thermometer Update

We will no longer require students and guests to take their temperature when they enter school. The face thermometer will be available in the office if anyone would like to check in the morning or if teachers need to check this throughout the day.

We are asking parents to check their child's temperature at home before sending them to school if they seem at all under the weather or not feeling their best. If you are at all concerned about how they are feeling, it is best to keep them home until you are sure they are not sick. This helps everyone in the classroom avoid illness and be able to learn at their best. Thank you for helping us keep our classrooms healthy!


Salem’s MNSAA visit went very well. The team came and was very thankful for all of the people who welcomed them and answered their questions. Salem’s report will be shared with the MNSAA board at their next meeting and the Board will vote on accreditation status. I have been assured by many people in the process that Salem will be accredited again for the next seven years. More information will come out at the end of the year about Salem’s Strategic Plan for the next seven years. Thank you to everyone for making this visit so great.

Upcoming School Plays

The Preschool Play will be held on May 5th at 6pm in the gym. Their play is titled “Stone Soup: A Rock Opera”. Grades 2-4 are performing “The Granny Awards” on May 12 at 6pm in the gym. They have already been trying on different costumes and getting set for their performance. Lastly, the 5th-8th grade play will be held at the Zephyr Theater in downtown Stillwater on May 24th. There will be two shows that evening. We still have yet to set the times, but as soon as we do set the times, we will share that information and get out a way for families to sign up for the show. All are welcome to attend any of the plays listed above and we hope you enjoy your theatrical experience.

Library Book Returns

Please have all library materials returned to the school library by May 20.

Olympic Day Coming Soon

Salem’s annual Olympic Day is coming up on May 25th. This is a day where we ask for parent volunteers to come and help run certain track and field events. These events include mainly measuring how far students kick or throw a ball, timing their running, counting how many times they jump rope and many other easy tasks. Please save this date if you would like to help as it is a great time for parents and students.

Salem’s Last Day of School

Salem’s last day of school is May 27th. Please note dismissal is noon that day. All families are invited to come to Washington Park immediately after dismissal. You can bring your picnic lunch and enjoy time together before we all part ways for the summer.

Staff Update

Salem is going to have some changes amongst its staff next year. Mrs. Klatt will be staying home with baby Ivy and not teaching Kindergarten next year. Mrs. Stob will not be teaching in the middle school next year either. Allison and Luke Dorn have accepted calls to teach at Salem. Allison will teach Kindergarten, and Luke will be teaching English, Literature and Spelling in the Middle School as well as Music Director. We pray for them as they finish their year in Florida and are excited for them to join us in Minnesota. Heidi Kostrzewa will also be leaving the Salem family as she is marrying a seminary student who will be vicaring next year. We have called to fill her position. Michelle Stob has accepted the call to teach 2nd grade at Salem next year. We pray for her as she makes this transition and rejoice that she will continue to be a part of the Salem Staff.

We are also so very thankful that Pastor Ryan Wolfe has accepted the call to serve as pastor at Salem Lutheran and will arrive sometime this summer. Pastor Jake Schram declined his call to Helena, MT and will continue to serve here at Salem. To God be the glory!

St. Croix Joint Ministry with Salem

Due to the Council looking into the financial situation of the church and school, this joint ministry has been put on hold for a year. We will have more updates like the one at the previous voters meeting as we start up next school year. The one page update is attached below if you would like to view it. If you want a printed copy, please reach out to Mr. Klatt or the church office. Update Document: Joint Ministry Update

Sports Update

Bowling practice began at the end of March. The students continue to practice at Stillwater Bowl. They have yet to have their first match, but we are excited to here about all of the strikes and spares from the match. Track has had a few practices and will continue to practice until their track meet on May 6th. We are excited for them to show their running, jumping, and throwing skills.

Upcoming Events

April 28 - Band Concert 6:30 pm

May 3 - Piano Recitals (Grades K-4) 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm

May 5 - Preschool Play 6:00 pm

May 12 - Grades 2-4 Play 6:00 pm

May 17 - Piano Recital (Grades 5-8 plus siblings) 6:30 pm

May 22 - 8th Grade Graduation Service

May 24 - Middle School Play (Time TBD)

May 25 - Salem Lutheran Olympic Day (in school activities)

May 26 - Last Day of Preschool

May 27 - Last Day of K-8 (half day)

Referral Program

The School Board approved a program that gives an incentive to recruiting new families for our school. If a family who has children enrolled refers a new family to Salem, they will receive a $200 tuition credit at Christmas per family they have referred. A church family who refers a new family will receive a $200 script gift card also at Christmas per family if they so choose. There is no limit to the number of families you can refer. If you have any more questions about the program, speak to a School Board member or Mr. Klatt.

No More Clipping Box Tops

Boxtops has come up with a more technological way to earn money for Salem Lutheran School. Instead of clipping the box tops and sending them in, you can now scan your receipt through the app on your phone and the points will be awarded to your school. The website to sign up on is or you can download the Box Tops for Education app on your phone. Thanks to all who have been collecting these labels for us over the years! Boxtops will still honor any non-expired labels you may still see on their products. However, these will be phased out over time as the new products will not have the old label, and scanning the receipt will eventually be the only way to collect points for our school. Bring in any non-expired labels you find. Our school can still get credit for these!

We Are Also Collecting Aluminum Cans

Aluminum cans benefit our athletic program and can be bagged up and placed in the wooden bin that is next to the garage facing Panama Ave. on our property. Thanks for helping our school!


Have you checked out the website? You can now order your own SCRIP any time, anywhere you need it. You can also now order with your credit card! All you have to do is login and sign up! If you have students at Salem, the rebates earned can be applied to your child’s tuition. There will be a flat 5% fee on all orders. This will cover the shipping and administrative fees involved in the orders. You can also apply your profits to your child's lunch account as well as tuition. We have also added an option to direct your profits to church. You will need this code to have your purchase linked to our account: 2241AD6C14415. Contact the church office for more information.


One way we usually forget about how we can help our school and church is to pray for them throughout the year. Your prayers are always a blessing and it is great to know that you are asking God for his blessings in our school and church year.

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