Tuition Model Changes

Due to the changes with the tuition model this year, School Board has decided to allow families to not pay their registration fee until they know what amount they will get in education grants from the church. This is only for this coming year and not for future years of registration.

In order to postpone the registration fee, when you get to the screen to pay your registration fee in the TADS registration process, click on the invoice option (3rd option - Mail Payment) and you will be able to pay the registration fee later (no late fee will be applied). Registration will need to be paid after receiving your educational grant from Salem to save your child’s spot at Salem. If you want to pay the registration fee right away, you are still able to do that as well.

School Board and Mr. Klatt would like to encourage all families to fill out the TADS Financial Aid Form as soon as possible. Mr. Klatt uses a summary report provided by TADS and based on your information given to determine each family's award. Family names and financial information is not shared with anyone including the School Board. All requests must be submitted by March 1.

The church has given the school $250,000 to give as educational grants, and we are going to be awarding the entire amount to families. To receive this award you must complete the TADS Financial Aid.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Klatt.

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