July School News

Next Year Update
I know there is a lot of uncertainty regarding the next school year and what it will entail. As we continue to wait for updates from the CDC and our Government, I wanted to share with you the plan for Salem as of now.

Salem is planning on having in-person school starting August 31st. We are currently creating a plan for what this will look like with the faculty and the School Board. We are planning on sending the plan out in the middle of July. We also continue to work on plans to go to Remote Learning again if need be. We want you to know that our primary plan is to have in-person school.

Through all of this uncertainty, it is important to remember that we have a God who does not change. He has seen the entire plan of this pandemic and will use it for our good. This pandemic has created times that are hard for us to trust in His plan with all that our country is enduring. I pray you can find comfort in God'sWord and know that he loves and has a plan for each and every one of you. He has "plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11)

1st and 2nd Grade Aide
Mr. Klatt and Mrs. Hansen will be interviewing the candidates for the aide position. We will be hiring a full-time aide to help with her class of 23 students. We look forward to working with the individual hired for the position.

Pea Gravel
We are going to be getting two loads of pea gravel for our playground this summer to increase the safety of the drop zones of our playground. We will be looking for volunteers to come with their rakes to spread it out when it arrives. Contact Mr. Klatt if you would like to volunteer or look for a post once a date is finalized.

Hallway Painting
The school will also be looking for volunteers to help paint our hallways for the upcoming school year. We are finalizing getting paint supplies, but will also be sending out a notice when a date is finalized.

Confirmation has been postponed until July 26. This will hopefully give enough time for the virus to calm down and for the confirmation class to be confirmed in the church.

Referral Program
The School Board approved a program that gives an incentive for recruiting new families for our school. If a family who has children enrolled refers a new family to Salem, they will receive a $200 tuition credit at Christmas per family they have referred. A church family who refers a new family will receive a $200 script gift card also at Christmas per family if they so choose. There is no limit to the number of families you can refer. If you have any more questions about the program, speak to a School Board member or Mr. Klatt.

Registration for Next School Year
Returning school families’ enrollment was open for the 2020-2021 school year on January 6th. Registration fees for next year are as follows: Preschool’s registration fee is $100 before March 1st and $175 after. K-8 registration fee is $175 before March 1st and $275 after. Our preschool classes are almost full.  Please enroll now if you still want a spot!

No More Clipping Boxtops
Boxtops has come up with a more technological way to earn money for Salem Lutheran School. Instead of clipping the box tops and sending them in, you can now scan your receipt through the app on your phone and the points will be awarded to your school. The website to sign up on is https://www.boxtops4education.com or you can download the Box Tops for Education app on your phone.

Thanks to all who have been collecting these labels for us over the years! Boxtops will still honor any non-expired labels you may still see on their products. However, these will be phased out over time as the new products will not have the old label and scanning the receipt will eventually be the only way to collect points for our school. Bring in any non-expired labels you find. Our school can still get credit for these!

We Are Also Collecting Aluminum Cans
Aluminum cans benefit our athletic program and can be bagged up and placed in the wooden bin that is next to the garage on our property. Thanks for helping our school!

Have you checked out the ShopWithSCRIP.com website?  You can now order your own SCRIP any time, anywhere you need it.  You can also now order with your credit card!  All you have to do is login and sign up! If you have students at Salem, the rebates earned can be applied to your child’s tuition.  There will be a flat 5% fee on all orders.  This will cover the shipping and administrative fees involved in the orders.  You can also apply your profits to your child's lunch account as well as tuition.  We have also added an option to direct your profits to church. Contact the church office for more information.

One way we usually forget about how we can help our school and church is to pray for them throughout the year. Your prayers are always a blessing and it is great to know that you are asking God for his blessings in our school year.

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